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Financio is a decentralized exchange that is running on Binance Smart Chain, with a lot of features that will let you earn high, passive crypto reward.

  • Crypto Exchange
  • Farming
  • Staking
  • Lotteries
  • Collectibles

Financio (FIN) rating

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Use our DeFi solutions to get the opportunity to earn additional, passive crypto income.

Crypto Exchange

Binance Smart Chain based exchange is an automated market maker (AMM) that enables you to exchanged two tokens immediatelly.

Yield Farming and Staking

Deposit and stake LP tokens to our pools and earn passive income. This is simple way to earn even 30x reward with our main FIN/BNB pool.

Lotteries and more...

Buy lottery tickets with your FIN tokens and win big crypto jackpot when your numbers match with winning ticket. More products coming soon.


Use Financio to earn passive crypto income.

Farming and Staking High APY & fast pools.

Once you've got LP tokens, you can stake them in our crypto pools. Staker will be earning FIN token as reward passively with harvest possibility in any time.

You will be able to stake as many LP's as you want and earn as many reward as possible. There won't be any limits!
Staking and Farming platform launch date:
November 2021

Crypto exchange    cheap & easy to use.

Automated market maker (AMM) exchange that enables two tokens to be exchanged on the Binance Smart Chain. It's cheap, fast and secure.

No order books, no waiting. Just choose two tokens you want to swap and click one button to finish transaction.
Crypto Exchange platform launch date:
November 2021
Comming soon

Check Financio Roadmap 2021/2022 to know whats coming in next months.

August 2021 (Completed)

- Project founding
- Setting up a team and employing developers
- WhitePaper v1.0 release
- Roadmap v1.0 release

September 2021 (Completed)

- First products development start
- Financio Token (FIN) creation on Binance Smart Chain (view on BSC)
- ICO sale and promotion start

October 2021 (In progress)

- ICO sale finish
- Token distribution
- CoinMarketCap listing
- Coingecko listing
- Pancakeswap exchange listing
- First partnership

November 2021 (Coming)

- Crypto exchange platform launch
- Staking and Farming platform launch
- Hotbit exchange listing

December 2021 (Coming)

- Marketing and next partnerships
- Crypto lotteries launch
- Initial Farm Offerings (IFO) launch
- Top 10 CMC Exchange listing

January 2022 (Coming)

- Future products development
- Roadmap v2.0 release

0.04 USD

Starting FIN price

12 mln

Tokens for sale on ICO

Up to 10%

Bonus tokens in I stage

Financio Token allocation:
ICO Sale 12 000 000 FIN (60%)

Exchange listings 4 000 000 FIN (20%)

Marketing 2 000 000 FIN (10%)

Development 1 000 000 FIN (5%)

Team 750 000 FIN (3,75%)

Airdrop 250 000 FIN (1,25%)

Interested in buying FIN Token? Join ICO sale now.

Token price: 0.04 USD
  • Stage start: 15th September 2021
  • Tokens for sale: 4 000 000 FIN
  • Payment method: Crypto
  • Min. buy: 1 000 FIN (40 USD)
  • Financio Contract: View on BSC
Sale finished
Bonus: 10%
Token price: 0.06 USD
  • Stage start: 1st October 2021
  • Tokens for sale: 4 000 000 FIN
  • Payment method: Crypto
  • Min. buy: 667 FIN (40 USD)
  • Financio Contract: View on BSC
Sale finished
Bonus: 5%
Token price: 0.08 USD
  • Stage start: 15 October 2021
  • Tokens for sale: 4 000 000 FIN
  • Payment method: Crypto
  • Min. buy: 500 FIN (40 USD)
  • Financio Contract: View on BSC
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Bonus: 0%

Frequency Asked Questions

Have any thought?

It is very simply. Please complete this steps:

1. Create account on our token sale page: http://www.financio.io/sale/public

2. Login, select payment method and the number of FIN tokens you want to buy

3. Complete payment to our wallet. That's it! Enjoy your FIN tokens!

The entire process will not take you more than 5 minutes.

ICO sale starts on 15 September 2021 and finish on 30 October 2021 (or faster if we manage to sell all tokens). Then, after the end of the sale - all sold tokens will be distributed to the buyers accounts and all unsold tokens will be burned.

You can pay using this cryptocurrencies: Binance Coin (BNB), BUSD, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT).

All sold token will be sent to buyers accounts after the last ICO sale stage. Distribution date is set on 31 October 2021.

If you have any questions or doubts about our project, please contact our support at the following e-mail address: support@financio.io

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Financio ICO Sale is ACTIVE

Final sale stage ends on: 30th October 2021

Token price: 0.08 USD / 1 FIN       Accepted payment methods: BTC, ETH, BNB, USDT